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Our sales team have access to all levels of the distributor organizations with whom we conduct business – from senior management to purchasing; from sales support to outside sales. We regularly participate in trainings with our distributor clients to their end-user and contractor customers. This allows us to effectively solve distributor conflicts and to integrate our principals’ programs into the distributor’s activities.

We serve many types of distributors, including: industrial, contractor supply, STAFDA, rental, welding, building products, fastener, specialty, O.E.M., and others.



While most distributors are focused on maintaining lower inventory levels, DDA & Associates provides an important service to their distributors by maintaining high inventory levels at a local warehouse.

Operating two warehouse facilities, The DDA & Associates commitment to local inventory is evidenced by more than 70,000 square feet of warehouse space devoted to supporting the supply channel.

Our mission is to effectively implement the policies in support of the manufacturer’s marketing strategy.

Warehousing is another example of DDA & Associates commitment to serving the needs of our distributors and manufacturers.



Training Center located in Atlanta, GA

At DDA & Associates training is an integral part of our business. We frequently host training sessions to explain features and benefits and to develop the selling expertise of our Distributors and employees. After all, the better our salespeople know a product, the better they can sell it. We also go with our distributors to their customers to educate on our products and preform trainings on our products.

More than just a classroom, our Training Center provides hands-on training in a comfortable environment from the people you work with every day. Our training room is used for product demonstrations, conference room meetings, classroom learning, and vendor booths.



DDA & Associates with the partnership of their manufacturers marketing departments offer creative communications to help promote the products so they can sell themselves. Designed to help us sell, Marketing of our products is a pivotal aspect of the day to day sales.

  • Database-driven catalogs that are constantly being updated
  • Print graphics & production
  • Digital photography
  • Website design
  • Advertising & mailing
  • Tradeshow booth design
  • Signage and large banners
  • Promotional products